You got me at hello

Hello there, I'm S. 

I live in Luanda, Angola. A good 5000 miles from home(s). 

After eating, my second love is research, so while I'm on my "sabbatical leave", I'm researching on recipes and experimenting in the kitchen to keep myself busy. 
To justify the squandering of my 'youth', or so to speak.

I can't sit still and generally have short attention span.
So often, you'll find me bummed half way through cooking, because I don't have ingredient A, B or C or I do not realize till that particular point ...
that the food needs to be (a) roasted for 3 hours or (b) slow cook for x hours or (c) whatever it is.
Despite what Anthony Bourdain says, I rarely do mise en place.
Hence I often change recipe on a whim. 
But I'm always game to try new things.
I cook everything at least once.

Thank goodness that H, my husband, eats whatever I put on the table. 
Well, usually. 
Not without threats. 
But I love him so.


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