Thursday, January 5, 2012

On The Road

Hi folks, hope the new year has been treating you fantabulously. 

We certainly start this year with a bang. We're somewhere in France by the time you read this. H has a meeting in Monaco, which this uber-dutiful wife is tagging along, followed by Nice and Cannes. Definitely will be in Paris and Toulouse, maybe also Pyrenees and Pau.  

I hope this time we'll have more down time than our previous holidays.. time for ourselves, time to prepare my-special-someone's birthday cake, time to prepare my first Chinese New Year with my new family, time to experiment baking cheese cake (something that I can't do in Luanda without breaking the bank). 

I have scheduled posts in my absence, starting with this amazing video. 

I certainly will be practicing boa, ear bunny and mira. 

With lots of love, from our little home to yours, wherever you are. 

May the new year be better than the last. 
Gros bisous.

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