Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nasi Tim Sapi (Steamed Rice with Beef)

A very standard dish in Jakarta, something that we used to eat for .. wait for it.. breakfast! Even H would make an exception. But the one we had in Jakarta is always with pork, too much rice and not enough meat. 
So I thought I'll make my own version, with leek and beef :)

Nasi Tim Sapi (Steamed Rice with Beef, serve 2)

250 gr minced beef
2 large cloves garlic, minced
some leeks (I used probably about 8 rings)
1 tbsp oyster sauce
salt, pepper, nutmeg

In a pan, heat up some oil & fry the garlic till fragrant. 
Add in the beef and the leek. Let it cook till done.
Add the seasoning, toss well and set it aside.

8 tbsp of long grain rice, washed. 
Set up your steamer.
In a small pot, heat up about 500ml of chicken broth. 
[I used 1 cube of chicken bouillon, added with spring onions & tongcai (salted preserved vegetable)]

Into your aluminum tin bowl, brush with some vegetable oil.
Put 4 heaping tbsp of meat-leek mixture. 
Add in 4 tbsp uncook rice. 
Laddle the chicken broth until about 1-1.5cm on top of the rice grain.
Put the bowl into your steamer, cover the steamer.
Steam for about 30 mins, until the chicken broth has evaporated & rice is cooked.

To serve, cover the tin bowl with a serving plate, hold tight and turn it upside down.
Tap, tap all over the tin bowl (the oil will help it loose).
Garnish with cilantro or more spring onions.

Ladle some chicken broth into small bowls and serve together.
And some green chillies on the side ;)

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