Friday, November 18, 2011

I-I-I-I wished for you

.. my wish came true..

I love how goofy we can be.
I love how you let me wear your clothes as my lounging wear.
I especially love the little 'tradition' you set for us.

[Christmast 2010 at Nazare, Portugal]

"There are some good movies like Tintin, Tower Heist with Ben Stiller, and The Concert. Except the Ben Stiller movie, dunno if the rest are in english. Do you prefer going to a restaurant?" I texted him.
"I think restaurant is better, but wot do u prefer? :* " came the reply. 
"Agree. Restaurant it is! :)"
"Happy I am, my dark S..."
"Why dark?? Because I haven't showered?"
"No, my baby talks like in Star Wars. So u r my dark vader, very powerful. But I'm still the jedi of our couple ;)"
"And you, my husband, is a mega geek."

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