Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chocolate Moose with Olive Oil

Gosh, I'm just plain happy now that H is back at home. I'm such a wuss and I'm sure I irritate enough people with my incessant chatter and complaints. I thought there's no better welcome home present than cooking his favourites, just to remind him that his wife's cooking beats any chef out there :)

I used to make chocolate mousse using smitten kitchen recipes, but I'm curious with chocolate mousse using olive oil and the promises of being super light. Original recipe is here from Delicious Days and here's how I did mine. 

Chocolate Moose (serve 4)

* 200 gr dark chocolate, melted and whisked with (slightly less than) 1/2 cup OO till well incorporated
* 3 eggs yolk + 50 gr white sugar, whisked until turns pale & a little fluffy
* 3 eggs white + 50 gr white sugar, whisked till it turns stiff. I added a pinch of cream of tar tar to aid :)
* 200ml full cream, whisked till it turns stiff. 

How to:
* Mix all ingredients starting by folding the egg yolk into the dark chocolate mixture, followed by egg white, and lastly by the cream. 

* Put into fridge 4 hours before serving. 

Verdict: chocolat moooooosseeeee.. it really is oh very smooth, light and extremely decadent. Wow. I'm not turning back to other recipes. This is a little fail proof too, because I didn't whisk the cream as well as I should have and when I folded it, it's a tad heavy, but the outcome is still wonderful. The only problem is exercising self control. 

"Hmm.. it's really good eh?" I said the other day, while we were lounging on the sofa with cognac in our hands.
"Yes, the best you've made so far. Maybe you can add cognac next time."
"Adding it to the chocolate batter hmm?"
"Mmm.. or maybe like this is also good. Somebody is going to have a good nap." 
"That somebody is not meeeee.."

Final note, I didn't use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), keep this precious gem for your salads & dips. Please use a normal OO because while I couldn't taste the OO on the chocolate mousse, I could smell & taste it on the chocolate batter. I can only imagine what EVOO would do. Good luck! 

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