Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tomato and Basil Soup

It was with pleasure I found affordable cherry tomatoes. It was unheard of. Usually a bag can easily cost 18 usd, but just last week, I found one for just 3 usd. I grabbed 4 bags. All in the name of tomato soup, tomato tart, pasta and anything else I can experiment.

Damn you lighting, but trust me, the colour is not yellow. It's orange, though not deep tomato reddish orange. 

Tomato and Basil Soup (serve 1)

* 10 cherry tomatoes, halved
* 1/4 onion, chopped
* 1 tsp garlic confit
* 1/2 tomato, any type, roughly chopped (you can add more, but this is all I have. It is said using different types of tomatoes will give you an interesting flavor)
* water
* 1/2 cube chicken bouillon
* 2 sprig of basil leaves
* 2 tbsp OO
* Black pepper

How to:
* In a bowl, mix the cherry tomatoes with some OO & coarse sea salt until they are coated. Transfer to baking tray facing up and roast them for 1-1.5 hrs in the oven, 175 C. You want them to be a little wrinkled but not too dry. 

* In a pot, sautée the onion & garlic until the onion turns brown. Add in the chopped tomatoes, water just enough to submerge the tomatoes & the chicken bouillon. Let it boil.

* Add in the roasted tomatoes together with whatever juices you have on the roasting pan. Also add the basil leaves. 

* Using stand in blender, process till smooth. Season with black pepper. I didn't have to add salt. Taste is perfect as it is. 

Serve warm and lick your pot if necessary. 

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