Thursday, October 27, 2011

Failure: Salted Duck Soup


I'm not very happy with the result of the original recipe. I felt it lacks the oomph from the sour plum, which I then I sub with tamarind. The closest sub I have.

But even so, cabbage is a poor substitute of swatow. 

The fact that I use shredded duck, instead of meat with the bone, is another culprit. But I remedied that with the duck broth (from the bone) I made the other day.

I added a light soy sauce (Maggi) to balance the flavour a little bit more.

Overall, I polished off the whole pot by myself. In one sitting :) It was still sourish & salty & peppery hot with duck meat, but so far off from the one I remembered slurping off a big bowl in Sin Ming, Singapore.

Anyhoo.. I'm sitting on the fence with regards to the recipe (hence I'm not posting it) but I will probably venture on it again one day.

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