Friday, October 7, 2011

Gnocchi for Beginners

The first thing I did the moment we arrived home was to unpack my valuables, namely my cheeses. We bought about 4 kg of cheddar, pecorino, manchego and ricotta in Pretoria. I literally swooned from the selection I can found there. Probably because Pretoria is the administrative & capital city of South Africa, where most embassies & high commissions are located. Hence the supermarket are well stocked.

I spent a good 1 hour walk one morning, alone, since H was sick. I didn't bring any camera with me, for fear being robbed. Heh. It's a lovely city, just 20 mins drive from Johannesburg, one of those cities that would be great in spring or fall, since there are literally flowers everywhere. You walked under big blue bells trees or thick bushes of roses, white roses. The avenues are big and spacious. I most definitely can live in Pretoria, and would prefer Pretoria to Joburg.

Anyway, few nights ago I decided to get my hands on Gnocchi, now that I'm armed with ricotta. I found an easy enough recipe here and decided to follow it to the T.

Well, not exactly to the T. I didn't carefully read the instruction, I mixed everything all at once hence I think the final texture was a little bit off, not smooth as Gnocchi should. But it was still good. For the sauce, I dumped a pasta sauce and do a little stir fry with onion and garlic, topped with fried sage leaves.

I will definitely try it again, but it seemed my arms aren't ready to knead dough. Even after the hiatus.

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