Friday, October 7, 2011

Roasted Carrots & Lentil Soup

It seems that the number of sick person escalates to two. Tonsilitis, headache, runny nose, fever.. you name it. We got it all.

While H's taste bud has completely disappeared, I am not looking forward to another bland meal. And I have no strength to gut the fish to make fish soup. So I opted the easy way out. Lentil soup, or in this case, not so soupy.. H doesn't like his lentils to be submerged in water.

Original recipe is from here. Modifications made on the pepper - I don't have cayenne pepper blablabla. Instead, I used my beautiful tricolore pepper.

Make this one, sick or not. I eventually mashed it and it didn't look as pretty, but it's extremely tasty.

Oh yeh, I forgot to mention, I added chorizo for extra oomph :) Buon Appetito!

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