Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Cheating Crepe

Every french maman (and au pair) knows how to make the perfect crepe. I have never seen a french kid not growing up with crepe. Neither have I ever attended a french-organized party sans crepe.

After some observation, I agree that crepe is the standard absolu-must for every growing kids. It keeps the kids quiet and the mum sane. At least, until the sugar rush hits and the kids run screaming all over again. But there is an honest truth as M confessed to me, they will be tired and sleep on the way home.

However, there is no one standard crepe recipe out there. Same like the american pancake, you just make one that tastes good to you.

My mother in law uses beer in her batter.

Me? I cheat.

It's quite pricey, about 6 usd per box, but hell, it was super easy and fail-proof. And I can concentrate on making it as thin as I could possibly be without breaking it, when air-flipping. Tall order, I tell y'all.

Result? One happy big-manboy :)

Whoops, I'd better catch H before he finishes the entire lot. We need it for dessert, with some banana and vanilla ice cream ;)

Have a good sunday, guys! 

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