Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh so (not) Ratatouille!

I made another one pot wonder few nights ago, when time was of the essence!

Note bien: This is not how my mom in law cooks ratatouille. And most french would be insulted if I serve them this :)
But hey, I always make ratatouille when 
(1) it's time to clean the fridge; 
(2) cold weather; 
(3) I can't be bothered to stand by the stove. 

...Not as if anyone needs to have a reason.. 
Maybe I should call mine a Progressive Ratatouille. 
Radical Ratatouille. 

Ingredients: everything you have in your fridge, that you don't know how to use it.
* Make sure you have at least 2 big ripe tomatoes. You can use canned tomatoes, but it won't taste the same. 
* Some ideas: eggplant, courgette, bell pepper (colour!), okra, jicama, chorizo, pork sausage .. be creative. 

For the spices & herbs: 
* 1/2 onion, medium size - diced. Use more if you have loads of vegetable to clear.
* I also add fennel seeds, cumin seeds, peppercorn, thyme - all pounded, basil, parsley finely chopped. Do not use too many herbs. Use 2-3 at any time. 

How to:

* Chopped all ingredients into bite size, taking into consideration, things like aubergine, courgette, tomatoes will shrunk and turn soft. It's okay to have them in larger size.

* First, brown the onion. Then add the ingredients that take longer time to cook, like jicama. Otherwise, dump all ingredients all at once.

* Pour some stock/ water until it submerge the ingredients by half. Cover and go do your thing. Check and stir every 15 mins.

* Once all ingredients are cooked, add in the leafy herbs, if using. Before serving, season & adjust to taste.

* Keep the leftovers for the next day. It taste even better! Can be eaten cold or warm.

Btw, I finally did what Nigel Slater suggested, I put a cheese rind inside. I used the leftover from manchego. Boy, I was panic for a moment or two and call Nigel a big (not) fat liar when I couldn't find the rind. Forget that he suggested parmesan hence a much harder cheese.

I found it eventually, while scooping onto the bowls. I like the additional cheese burst it oozed, but H said this is so NOT ratatouille. hehehe :P

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