Saturday, November 5, 2011

Risoni Salad with a Kick

My glamourous plan to have pumpkin risotto was knocked off by H's desire for risoni salad. I didn't know how this dish came about. It was certainly trial and error. I never make this salad twice, because I am just not consistent. And frankly, all you need is several key items (like risoni/ orzo pasta, tuna, tomatoes and whatever you have on your fridge). And of course, fridge. This pasta salad is best served cold. And who cares that the entire ocean poured over Luanda today. I'm just glad the roof has not leaked yet.

Oh, btw.. I am a firm believer and front running supporter that recipe should be used as a guideline. You don't have to follow it to the exact measurement. It primarily serves as inspiration.

... and I'm saying this because I really don't know the exact quantity. I agak-agak (guestimate)

Risoni Salad with a Kick (in this household, serves 1 big boy)

* Risoni pasta (or Orzo, or couscous if you must)
* 1 tin tuna, drained
* 5 cherry tomatoes, halved or 1 big tomato, diced
* 4 ham slices, cut into bite size
* peas, as desired
* mushroom, as desired
* bell pepper, for colour, cut into bite size (~see note below)
* cilantro/ parsley to garnish

Other topping ideas:
* boiled eggs
* (just!) ripe avocado
* corn
* cheddar cheese, cubed
* black olives, sliced

* fresh ground black pepper
* salt (optional, esp. if your tuna is already salty and if you use cheese)
* red wine vinegar (optional, trust your taste bud)

How to:
* Cook the pasta to al dente. Brown the mushroom with butter (gives a nice additional flavor). Add in your desired ingredients and toss with EVOO (this is probably one of those few occasion you can use your precious liquid gold), fresh ground black pepper and a little salt. Add vinegar if you want.

* Put it in fridge until it's ready to be serve. We love it cold.

Note: I have just recently learn how to flavor my bell pepper. I use the bell pepper left over from that sandwich for this. And it works extremely well. I will be doing this more often.

"Lunch was just perfect, mon coeur. Really, it was wow."

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