Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Simple Beef Stew

Once in awhile H & I would go out to have lunch at a restaurant along the beach. Most of the time, the meal is forgettable. Just few weeks ago, we paid $100 usd for a pizza, a burger, 1 margarita, 2 beers and 1 cappuccino. The margarita came un-chilled, at room temperature. I sent it back, asking for ice, it came back with some ice cubes floating inside. I cursed and took a big glug. At least, the taste is right.

So when I realized 1 kg of tenderloin is $46 usd, I know I should tread with caution. No fancy smanchy recipe because the stake is high. So after careful consideration, I decided to make a beef stew. A very simple beef stew.

I was very hesitant at the beginning to use beer. As I tried last time to cook Beer Can Chicken, I didn't fancy the taste that much. But recipe after recipe of Beef Stew, I can't escape from beer as one of the main ingredients. Suffice to say, I'm so glad I didn't run away from it. We had a hearty lunch accompanied by some spring roll and tarte aux chocolat ;)

Original recipe is from Wishful Chef here. I modify as per what I had in my pantry.

A Simple Beef Stew (serve 2)
300 gr tenderloin, cubed
carrots, baby potatoes, celery sticks: diced.
half onion, minced
garlic confit (use fresh garlic if you want)
1 tsp paprika paste, cherry tomatoes, S+P
1.5 cube of beef bouillon & water
1/3 bottle of beer

First, brown the beef with OO in a heavy-bottom pan. If the meat sticked onto the pan, don't worry. Brown all sides, then set aside. 
Your pan will look like this. Do not wash/ rinse it. 
Next, brown the onion. Half way through, add in the garlic confit.
Add back the beef.
Pour in the beer, the bouillon & the water (about 1 glass, for the time being)
Add in some fresh black pepper & the paprika paste.
Cover and let it simmer for half an hour. 

If the stew has started become dry, add in more water.
Add in the rest of the ingredients. 
Repeat till you get the desired thickness of the stew. 
Over small fire, let it cook for another hour or so.
This is how my stew look like after 2 hrs. 

Because I didn't peel my baby potatoes, they retain their shapes. 
We polished the entire pot in one sitting. H had 2 servings :)

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