Monday, November 14, 2011

Pesto Pizza

In case you don't know yet, Africa is running on generator most of the time.
I'd say Angola is lower, probably about 70% of the time.
Many offices of large enterprises actually rely on generator 24x7. They can't afford to have electricity cut off that happens every so often. It is not unusual to have a power cut two to three times a day.
On weekends, one can expect the generator to run from Friday night up till Monday morning.

So when we heard our generator's pump is spoilt, we know doomsday can't be any closer. 
And as expected, our frozen food is rapidly thawing, including my precious pesto sauce.
So once I got back into my kitchen after evacuating to another guest house, I thought why don't we do pesto pizza for once. Just to know how it tastes. 
I've seen many version of flat bread with pesto, so why not with pizza?

I first prepared the minced beef, sauteing with onions, carrots & mushroom. 
Peppered with cloves, nutmeg, salt & black pepper. 
Hmm... a little bit too dry.

Add in the shredded cheese (I used emmental)
And a glug of olive oil
Into the oven, 175 C for about 10 mins.

And lunch is ready. 

Verdict: I'm not sure that pesto makes a good base. It's too dry for our liking. 
To use pesto as a base, I think one would need a creamy cheese like gorgonzola. Even camembert will be helpful (Ha! baked camembert :))
I am not sure I'd do this again. 
Maybe I will just keep the pesto for pasta. 
Or  baked chicken breast meat :) whaddaya say? ;) 

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