Thursday, November 17, 2011

Acar Kuning & Stuffed Snap Peas

I actually wanted to post something Indonesian-ey, something like Ikan Acar Kuning (Fried fish in yellow vinaigrette sauce). I sauteed the fish, I prepared the sauce.. short of adding the fish into the vinaigrette sauce when H asked, what is that smell.
"It's the sauce for the fish. Vinegar + sugar + few other things like onion, garlic etc.."
"No. I don't want the sauce. Eugh.. I don't like, mon coeur."
(sigh).. "Ok, so just the fried fish?"
"Yes. Just the fish.. Healthy food, yummy."

So my grand plan of Ikan Acar Kuning failed miserably. Fine.

Scrap the post, scrap Day 23 challenge. Hah, it's proving more difficult than I thought.

Anyway, last weekend I bought some snap peas to change from our usual diets of cauliflower, broccoli, etc. I usually sauteed it Chinese style with some mushroom, carrots & baby corn. In fact, I did just that to accompany H's fish.

But I thought I wanted to play a little bit with this mange tout (which literally means eat everything). What an apt description of moi :) I opened the fridge.. and grabbed some stuff.

First, half tin of left over tuna & one slice of charred red bell pepper
I added 1 tsp mayonaise, lemon juice & lemon zest as well.

I boiled the mange-tout for about 1 min with salt
And slice one side open to create pockets

I stuffed the stuffing inside and sprinkle with some pepper.

It tastes okay, but they aren't the best pairing. Hmm.. crap!!

H spread the extra stuffing over a toasted bread.

Yeah, double crap. 

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  1. I usually put snap peas in chicken soup juga sher.. quite a nice change :)