Saturday, September 10, 2011

Butternut Squash Risotto

While I fail big time in making my Indonesian dishes, He granted me some success in risotto. Ever since watching Giada eating butternut squash risotto in Chicago, I know I need to try at least once.

But my sweet, sweet H, teased me openly in front of his colleague.
"B, tu as besoin de vin pour faire risotto?"
"Boh, ma femme m'a demande d'en acheter." 
And both men laugh at the fact I wanted needed white wine for my risotto.
Ha! Just you wait and see. What do I know about european cuisine. Right?

Recipe is from here. Modifications is made in substitution Parmigianno with local soft cheese, hence not as salty.

Verdict: Let's just say I prepared a portion enough for four people, to share with B too. But we polished them off in one sitting ourselves. B can wait for the next round, said H.

* I question the quantity of the onion initially, but I am converted now. Onion seared with butter is a match made in heaven.

* I feel the sage doesn't enhance the dish at all. In fact, I think parsley would do it more justice.

* Roasted pine nuts are absolute necessary, it adds nutty flavour and some texture to the sweet and creamy risotto.

* I want to experiment with Parmigianno next time, or at least Pecorino. The current flamengo cheese works, but just to know where the difference is.

* I think peas will make a nice addition in terms of colour and some fiber.

That plate was meant to be my single portion. I helped myself to two more servings. Heaven.


  1. muchos gracias, SQ. and I like the fact that Zagat is now part of Google!! :)