Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 6: Beef Teriyaki with Roasted Bro-Cauli Indian Style

Opening your freezer to found yourself with a really good entrecôte you forgot you have is like opening a wardrobe & found  a never-worn-before dress you bought last season. Yeap, it's that good. Never mind that the beef is more than a few weeks old. H will call me names of course, but he doesn't know. So it won't hurt. Armed with some colourful bell peppers, I decided to make Beef Teriyaki a la Hoka Hoka Bento (a Japanese food chain in Jakarta). The recipe was passed down to me from my friend K, but as often the problem with me, I incorporate some, ignore the rest and call it my own. I like to think I trust my tastebud more than any recipe. Silly, especially when you're this new to cooking. 

For the veggie, I decided to roast a mixture of brocolli and cauliflower sprinkled with cumin seed, garlic, curry powder mixture, olive oil and salt. In this tiny household, I often cook Indian dishes. I like it for the richness of flavour. The fact they use yogurt instead of coconut milk helps my waist. H likes it because the spiciness doesn't numb his tongue and lips. 

One thing about H is that he eats Asian food like an Angmoh new to the Far East. Fresh. Off. The. Boat. Instead of mixing various dishes on his plate, he approaches the dishes in succession, in systematic order. Meaning, he'll first eat the vegetable alone like how one eats salad, then meat and rice. Never quite mixing the dishes, not even in his mouth. He'll push his food around so that they won't touch and "contaminate" each other. No amount of nagging can educate him, worst he'll say "Sssshhhhh, you're controlling me." Initially I thought his odd habit was cute. Maybe he secretly has autism? I have a superhero syndrome, if you can't tell. But now??? *roll eyes* 

Anyway, this allows me to mix cuisines, hence the odd combo of Chinese/Japanese and Indian.

Here's a look of his lunch today. 

Verdict: the teriyaki is very good, (the prime cut helps a lot) and roasting broccoli is not very smart, no matter how many recipes out there telling you to roast and roast and roast (sans washing even!). Roasted broccoli smells awful and tastes afwul. And dessert? Despite the disastrous kue sus, nothing that nutella can't cure.  

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  1. Hey, i was mentioned here ! told you that the teriyaki thing is fool proof, even with shallots/onions + garlic, the meat taste nice.. :) yours actually looks more colorful than my usual pale green white - mind you, i use chicken most of the time because C prefers chewing chicken - it's easier..