Saturday, September 17, 2011

Living la Vida Loca

Home entertaining is, by all means, no small feat. Obviously the most important thing is the menu. You gotta think about what to serve, about quantity, about dietary restrictions and about variety. Next you gotta think about table arrangements: how to decorate your table, what your center piece is going to be, what colour, which napkin fold. Next you think about ambience, about lighting, some music and of course fragrance. Sometimes you think of sitting arrangement.

But really, all you want is it to be perfect. Home entertaining is our attempt to have a normal life. It's done occasionally, with careful planning, selective guests and always full of love.

And still, life can screw you up.

In this place, you go to multiple supermarkets to buy what you usually can find in a single supermarket elsewhere.
In this place, you learn to hoard things because you don't know when the next shipment will come.
In this place, you learn to buy seasonal products. Simply because there's no other alternative.

Imagine now that today, one of the warmest day in a long time, the day that South Africa beat Fiji in a good match, you found that only one supermarket is open in the entire downtown, because it's the birthday of the first President.
You found that the population is either on the street or in the supermarket with you.
And on this particular day, you're supposed to make the big shopping for your up coming dinner party. And found that you gotta scratch off half of your menu (that's already based on products available last week) and think of alternatives on the spot.
You queued for a long time with your full trolley since no cashier was ever in a rush. And still five different people asked if they can come up before you. "I only have 2/3/4.."

Imagine entering the supermarket at 9.30am and left at noon. Imagine that it took another hour until you reached home.

And even after all that, you thank God, that at least you still have a full trolley of food.

And more importantly, thank God that it's only a week more till holiday.

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