Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 9: Butter Turkey with Naan and Cinnamon-poached Pears

Without further ado, I shall just yahooooo..

Recipe for butter chicken is from here and for naan is from here. I only substituted the tandoori masala with Chicken masala, fenugreek leaves with fenugreek seed. And of course, turkey instead of chicken.

Verdict: Wow.. I have never seen him eating that fast, and that should say a lot. Taste was just perfect, though I could go several notch spicier, but H wouldn't be able to appreciate it. There is a balance of sweetness from honey with the sourness of the tomatoes and the yogurt. I should really grind the tomatoes finer next time and cook slightly longer so it will dry up properly.

As for dessert, I made cinnamon-poached pears. Original recipe is from here. But I made quite a number of modifications.
a) Instead of using cinnamon stick, I opt for powder so that my pear will have that powdery look. I reduced the sugar amount, esp. since the pear is already ripe & sweet, just to balance the saltiness from the wine.
b) I ignored step 4 onwards as I have no idea what cinnamon sugar butter spread is.
c) Instead, once the sauce thicken, I added back the lemon juice from the pear marinade and whisk everything together before pouring it on top of the pears.

What came out is a great blend of sweetness (cinnamon, sugar, pear), sour (lemon) mixed heavenly white wine fragrant. Taste better when it's cold. Yowzah.

I'm so ready for weekend!

"You and me, it's written... My stomach is happy. Thank you, mon amour. You can have a nap today."


  1. OMG!!! looks amazing.. i wish i could cook like you.

    im making one of my many one pot wonders this afternoon. its looking like a chicken soupish thing! haha!

  2. @ Chia, it is not difficult at all, if you don't count the washing & cleaning up.

    @ zhing, you can! ;)