Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 7: Steam Fish for dinner. Or not.

One thing that I am proud to have inherited from my Ah Gong is the excellence to do fish proper justice. Since young, I seem to know instinctively the nook and crook of where the meat is. After all, it is said only a real chinese know how to eat fish. 

And perhaps it is exactly because of that, the fish god decides to make my life hell. In my current life, if I want to eat fish, I gotta clean & gut it myself. H is one of those "macho" man who goes eek over slimy stuff. His love unfortunately is not enough to clean the fish. 

the supposedly snapper, more like hobbit snapper I say

So last night I decided to do steam fish, take 2. Recipe is from here

Steam fish take 1 was "Too sweet!! Don't give me the sauce. I don't want the sauce... I told you I don't want the sauce!!!". So on this take 2, I decided to forgo the brown sugar all together. I've just thrown away my spring onions too, so this time it's a little bit on the "dry" side. 

Big, big, BIG mistake. 

Without the sugar, it tastes awful. Salty and sour. I tried to salvage it by adding a tiny spoonful of sugar to balance the taste, but nope. Didn't work. It never quite tastes like those steam pomfret in chinese dinner banquets.

H even refused to finish his portion and made himself two cheese and ham sandwich. Very good. So much for eating light dinner. 

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