Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 14: Prata with Chicken Vindaloo

H has been chanting Butter Chicken since that lunch. But I don't feel like remaking that dish right now. I was in the experimenting mood. So one friday night, I decided to marinate some chicken and prepare the prata dough.

Recipe for prata is here.
Recipe for chicken vindaloo is here

Most Indians that I've met originated from southern part of the country, so it's not surprising that I'm more familiar with the southern dishes (having been invited to their dinner tables), at least in terms of names. For the love of food, I can't tell the difference between north vs. south. All I know that my southern indians friends are more open to eating seafood (given their geography) as compared to say, Pakistan or certain northern Indian friends(!!!). And contrary to popular belief, Chicken Tikka Masala is not their national dish. It is Britain's national dish, however, as I'm told. 

The prata dough, though requires a pair of strong arms and patience, was good. It's not difficult, just tough. H massaged my shoulders as I massaged the dough. But true to its promise, the dough can make a decent 8 pratas, or in our case, 8 murtabak. I stuffed them with cheese, egg, onion and (ahem) chorizo. 

The chicken vindaloo was much more thinner than I'd like it to be. Maybe I didn't do it correctly, but I eventually added about 2-4 tbsp of cream to make it thicker (I was in a race to use my President cream before the bacteria takes over, but you can use milk). I added a lot more salt & some sugar. It's just our tastebud. But it was good! I felt I'm transported back home :)

H still chants for Butter chicken, but at least this will keep him quiet for some time. 

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