Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 7: The Beef Rendang Challenge

People doesn't believe me when I say cooking rendang is easy. No technique is needed. It's fool-proof and fail-proof. All you need is the ingredients. Mix everything on the wok over low heat, stir occassionally over a good 2 hour, at least. Mea culpa, but beouf bourgignon is far more complicate. Even Kue Sus is more difficult!

On the left, contender A, is rendang cooked with instant spices. Cooks much faster, after 1.5 hrs it turned brown as picture, ready for serving. Requires lesser coconut milk too.
On the right, contender B, is rendang cooked with spices from scratch. Recipe is a mix of my mum's and online recipe here. After one hour, you can tell I still have a long wayy to go. It actually took another 1.5 hours more to the point where I am happy to turn off the stove.

Today I will conduct a taste test among the Indonesian women. I shall update on the comments later.

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