Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 2: Lemongrass Chicken

After rain, my second favourite smell on earth is possibly lemongrass on oil. I miss eating Thai food a lot ever since I married H. Possibly my favourite cuisine after Chinese. Heck, who am I trying to kid here??? I love vietnamese, korean and Indonesian food too.. I just love eating. Period.

Recipe is from here.
Slight modifications made on lemon substitute (instead of lime), the number of chilli I used, and the lack of red gorgeous chilli. Sigh, the things we gotta live without.

Verdict: Hip hip hoorayy!! This is a recipe that I'll shamelessly claim as my own. Haha.. Kidding aside, every thai lover should try making this every other day. H loves it so much that he pro-actively sms me to let me know!

He even told me to use the lemon, because without it, it doesn't taste as good. What a surprise, coming from someone who doesn't really like lemon, beyond uber sweet lemonade!

Afterthought: I shall brown the chicken a lot more, more enticing and inviting that way.

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