Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 12: Salt & Pepper Squid

This is our lunch today. 

I cooked Salt & Pepper Squid, the way a decent (Chinese) seafood restaurant would do. I prepared Squid Ink Pasta to accompany (me and my sense of humour).  For dessert I made (American) Coconut Macaroon. Again, mixing cuisines. But they work. H didn't complain, they lived up to their promises. But I don't want to talk about what I cook today. I want to talk about biology.

To be exact, I want to talk about the food chain. About unfortunate turn of events. About death. 

It appears that the lula were enjoying their lunch when being caught alive by the Angolan fishermen, 
barely alive when put into freezer by my friend E, 
in the brink of death when transported from E's house to my house, 
frozen to eternity for few more days inside my freezer
before at last (!!) going into their final resting place. 

Shock turns into nervous laughter into logic. My left brain kicked in. Even squids can have a freak accident.

For a long time I wonder if I should keep the fish. They inspired me to cook Sambal Goreng Teri (Spicy fried anchovies). 
I realize that there will be many outside my front gate who will appreciate this unexpected gift, were they in my shoes
But sorry.. I couldn't eat you. 
Not without thinking of where you've been.. 
Or what about to become of you.

Yucks! It's a good thing I have my gloves on. Gloves are very important, people!!! I couldn't emphasize more.

P/s: Recipe for salt & pepper squid is from here. Recipe of the chocolate coconut macaron is from here. Unlike their french sister, this one is easy to make. 

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