Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 15: Pork ribs & bean curd soup, Ginger-Garlic Fried Rice

At home, my mum often cooks bean curd soup with pork ribs, occasionally with kidney beans. I wouldn't say this dish falls in my favorite food but strangely, I never recall not finishing the whole pot of bean curd myself. So it was a very nice surprise to found the bean curd stick here.

Recipe is from here. I don't have red dates, so I added carrots instead.
Hmm.. not as 'sweet' as my mom's, something is missing.. maybe the kidney bean, but heh I polished that one off easily, while H ate the pork ribs with fork and knife (!!).

"I like this arrangement. I eat the ribs and you eat the beancurd.."

To accompany, I made ginger & garlic fried rice. I hardly ever crave for nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice), but I would crave for this. Recipe initially seen at NYtimes, but well, I made my own version. Recipe is below. And H's unwarranted hatred towards the smelly ginger is cured.

Have a good week ahead! Corinne Bailey Rae is on tv right now :)

Ginger Garlic Fried Rice a la moi (2 pax)
- Cooked rice. I always use brown rice and cook it on the same day.
- 1 tbsp mince garlic
- 1 tbsp mince ginger
- a small bowl of leek
- 1 egg
- 2 red chillies, seeds removed and sliced
- S + P
- 1 tbsp sesame oil
- vegetable/ soya oil to fry

How to:
* In your wok, fry the mince ginger first. Wait 30 seconds before adding the mince garlic. Fry till brown, drain them on paper towel and set aside.

* Add leeks & chillies into the wok. Cover and let the leeks soften. Season with salt & pepper. About 2-3 mins, depending quantity.

* Lower the heat. Add the cook rice, mix.

* Add the egg. Do not mix immediately, but instead let the egg fry a little before you stir everything together.

* Add back the fried ginger & garlic. Toss & mix well. Turn the heat off. Taste & add salt & pepper as desired.

* Add sesame oil, mix well and serve immediately.

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