Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 8: Minced Pork Dumplings

It is rare to find minced pork so I always make my dumplings with minced beef. But something about the taste is not quite right. Using beef, it's a little bit too dense and meaty. Maybe it's just up in my head. So when I found minced pork last weekend, without any va va voom, I took the entire 1kg of it.

Armed with Andrea Nguyen's tutorial in creating pleated crescent, I got busy. I dreamt of making extra to share with others. Show off.

Here's the tutorial.

 And here's my pleated crescent.

And here's another shape when I gave up trying and googled Asian American Potstickers.

Verdict: The end product looks insulting. My dream was dashed, no proud smiles of 'look what I did today', no showing off to the neighbours. H was like uh huh, chomp chomp, uh huh, wait, where's my dragon chopstick? chomp chomp, is it all for me? chomp chomp.

Bof, either the pork was too fatty or the pork was too fatty, it's too greasy for my taste. Aiyah, back to beef. Or mayhaps, mix of beef and pork next time.

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