Sunday, September 4, 2011

Failure: Kue Sus Merdeka

Kue Sus or choux pastry or cream puffs. It's Indonesian, yet English and yet, it's French by origine.

Recipe is from here.

Verdict: I failed. Big time. They never raised. I've compared my recipes to others and the recipe is correct. But I don't know what cause mine to remain horizontal. 5 eggs gone wasted. Arrggghhhhhh!! Merde.

I, however, think the taste is just about right. It's tad too salty for me, maybe because I use rock seasalt. A mistake in pastry-hood. Anyway, I'm sorry but this is it.

"I don't like."
"What do you mean you don't like?"
" Well, aren't you the one who said I should reduce eggs?"
" Yeah okay, but it tastes good, wot?"
" Well, I don't like."
" It's profiteroles without the vanilla ice cream!!"
" Which vanilla ice cream? You bought vanilla ice cream?"

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