Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A cup of coffee

This time last year, I was packing and boxing 11 years of my life. I was eating, drinking and hugging people like there's no tomorrow. I was reminiscing my fears and finally my joys of a place I call home, a place that shaped and liberated me.

This time last year, I was very much afraid of what to come, how my life would turn, yet very much excited about finally joining H, of going to places that most people read about.

This time last year, my biggest fear was to be completely dependent on H.

Black-bottomed macaroon
This time this year, I say my grace. Of what I have become, of what is laid over my feet.

I say my grace. And get busy in the kitchen.

p/s: Btw Miss Angola won the current Miss Universe title!!

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