Sunday, September 18, 2011

The perfect cup

Every visitor to Paris (or France) during winter should at least try chocolat chaud.

The most enjoyable way is of course to visit any marche noel and order what every kids are ordering, hot chocolate.  Even my dad shyly admitted that it was good.

Original recipe is from here, though I presume the David Lebovitz's one will be more "original".

I shall add rum next time H isn't watching me. But we'll keep this recipe for special occasions, not for our sunday morning treat.

"So who won?"
"France dong! Confiture is better than maple syrup."
"Our kids will grow up eating confiture. It will make them stronger."
"Yeah ok. Come help me knead this dough. I'm trying a new pizza recipe."
"But you are so pretty when you're cooking."
"Yeah and I know crap when I hear one."
"And you tell me I'm not romantic?"

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