Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tacchino al Rhum

I wasn't in the mood to eat Asian for lunch yesterday, frankly speaking. After rendang, we crave for something light. We weren't in the mood for any carbs either, given we've been eating rice almost every day. And I have a big chunk of turkey sitting in my fridge. Hmm.

I made Pollo al Rhum or in this case, Tacchino al Rhum.

Recipe is from here. No modification made beside substituting the chicken thigh with turkey breast.

Verdict: This is one recipe that only a thigh can do justice. At home, we don't eat much of other poultry parts beside breast meat. Even if we do, I always de-skin and trim all fats. But for this, I shall make grand exceptions! It was that special.

I like the fact that I'm not deep frying the meat, but slowly pan-roasting it first over butter, then with chicken stock and rum. I'll sub some of the butter with OO next time.
I like the fact that I get to use Suzie the Sage, ma petite herbe.
I like the fact that I get to use Rum for real cooking and not only for dessert. I am happy to learn that Rum doesn't turn food as salty as wine always does.
And most of all, I am extremely pleased by the sheer simplicity of this recipe.

It is a keeper!
Ma petite herbe and my chilli who refuse to turn red!!

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