Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 11: Yakisoba & Yakitori

What I hate the most about cooking is not the cleaning part. I still can bear washing tons of pots and pans, gutting fish or even the occasional plucking feathers. But what I can't bear is those days when you're forced to make new friends who happens to fancy the same vegetable as you.

Worst is when your new friend (or an army of them) is still alive. Et gross, fat. Like a bad omen.

The turkey has been sitting on my fridge like a white elephant. And I decided to get rid of it today. For good.

Yakitori recipe is from here.
Yakisoba recips is from here.

Verdict on the Yakitori: It actually tastes good, surprisingly good. I would like to use chicken thigh next time, hence not as dry as Turkey. Breast. Meat. But otherwise, taste is very close to the original, even without Mirin & Sake. Chinese shiaoxing wine is a good substitute. I wonder what will happen if I reduce the flour.

Yakisoba is another matter. I notice that sauce ingredients are exact replica of Yakitori sauce, but with a different composition ratio. Yet I still blindly follow.. tsk. And I should have thought better before adding ketchup and Tabasco into Japanese cuisine. Bleh!  (Hang on, in my defense, I was thinking of Spam musubi). Luckily there's some extra Yakitori sauces that I can use to tone down the heat & the ketchup.

I don't know why but noodles are never my forte. I hate you dan dan mian.

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