Thursday, September 15, 2011

Red wine Chocolate Cake

Not so long ago, somebody told me to stop baking. "We need to watch out our food, if we want to look good for our holiday", advised a certain somebody. He even gave me specific instruction to only eat 3x a day. No snacks and light dinner please.

This very same person also happens to ask "What are we having for dessert, mon coeur?" every. single. lunch. AND. dinner.

So when I saw David Lebovitz's posting about Smitten Kitchen's red wine cake, I know the perfect way to bequest peace on our household. For 2 weeks, I've had half a bottle of red wine sitting idly, you see. Ever since I started my Asian Kitchen tour.

Recipe is from here.
No modifications, with the exception, I did not do the cream topping.

"Ooohhh.. so soft and moist!! Ooh.. Very good, huh? Huh? Huh??", I asked.
"Hmm.. not my type, mon coeur."
"What do you mean not your type?"
"Too much wine. Need to use only 1/5 of it."
"You don't like olives, not a wine person. And I wonder how come you're not the one born in the far east."
"You should not call it chocolate cake. I couldn't taste the chocolate. You should call it red wine cake."
"I felt cheated."

Sorry Deb.

And I'm back to square one.

Back to good ole Martha Stewart chocolate cake.

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